Father… thank you for another day… it’s good… I want to just stop for a few minutes and focus on you as the most important thing in my life… to verbalize my  thoughts… to look to you as the source of everything… take me into those green pastures …where I get so nourished every day… lead me by the still waters… where I get refreshed and restored by you… fill me with your life… you are the living water… bring me into your rest where I stop all my work and watch… as you do the work that you want done… keep my heart at peace throughout the day as I walk and talk with you in the garden of my life…. continue to teach me how to live in your son…. how to talk with you about everything … how to hear your voice each time you speak. Then lead me in your paths of righteousness for your name’s sake.

I come today… to receive from you … all of the grace and mercy I need… so you can accomplish your will and purpose in me for this day… I have seen the battle… I understand…  I thank you for your constant revelation. I put on all your armor… in order to be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil and prepare myself for the battle today. I gird myself with the belt of truth… that’s you, Lord.. you who are the truth… you alone are the one that enables me to see all the lies… all the deceptions of the evil one. I put on your breastplate of righteousness to protect and guard my heart from the enemy’s arrows that would try to destroy or steal my heart…. I put on your shoes… (all the teachings and experiences from 50 years of walking with you)… so I can walk out your gospel of the Kingdom… live out your gospel of peace, love, restoration, reconciliation and a real relationship with you….just being who I am where I am… doing what you give me to do… each day…right here where you have placed me. I put on your helmet of salvation which protects my mind from every onslaught of Satan’s lies, deceptions and doubts. I take up the shield of faith that continually grows as I walk with you and with it extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one… I take up the sword of the Spirit, which is  the living Word of God … your son Jesus… He is the Word…  He is the Christ… the Son of the Living God….

I wield all these weapons against the Evil One… in the power of God… on this battlefield, this day….  because our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and their rules….against the principalities and their principles… against the powers… both sets of powers… the world forces of this darkness, and the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. I am now able to…..not only resist and stand firm…. but continually attack the enemy. My weakness is your strength…any strength I have is simply your strength…  I will pray at all times in the Spirit… because I don’t know how to pray what needs to be prayed… but you do… Lord, demonstrate your power and authority in all things according to your will and purpose… not according to mine… I honor you as my sovereign Lord and surrender every aspect of my life totally and completely to you.  I give you my heart… I give you my life… I give you everything… all that I am…as a living sacrifice… body… soul…spirit…

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