Sabbatical ends  (again)

Pleased to report that after a 2 month sabbatical, I have once again been given a release to begin writing.  It will be a little different…..shorter “Musings”… hopefully more inspirational ones… more focused ones… all based on things that I have experienced during my 50 year walk with the Lord… you can follow them on my  BLOG  page….  🙂

#1 – It is time

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Yessss…I can write again….    🙂

Writing  was a wonderful experience for me from 2007 thru 2011…until it was necessary for me to stop… I took a 5 year sabbatical from writing… but not from discovering Him….Just got the OK to start writing again… what an incredible journey it has been. Love to have you join me in the journey…. comments always welcome… it is a great adventure.  It will never stop…. it will just continue on the other side….New postings are on the BLOG page…. then are moved to the archive.  Philip’s Musings  began in December 2007…. I started to say all the things that were running thru my head.  Then in 2011 I needed to stop writing.  I am re-writing some of those from time to time… keeping them more concise for easy reading… and saying them from the perspective of today’s Philip… lots of things in the archives…  it’s probably the only “book” I will ever write…:)    

Visit as often as you like…  🙂

Philip’s Consulting

Besides my writing…. my next retirement will also include my “consulting business”… both small business and personal counseling.  Love to have you take a look…  🙂

Here is a link to:  philips-consulting.com ….


The Book I Never Wrote

Stories like the one I wrote yesterday became the norm for my life…. mountains moved, miracle after miracle, impossible situations and circumstance totally changed, year after year…  I was asked to publicly tell my stories and always…. always ….people would come up to me later and say….”Phil, you need to write a book!”

Of course, as the years rolled by, and God was continually changing me, the conclusions I would have drawn in the writing of the book had changed as well…over and over and over…  I finally came to the place  where (after telling my latest version of my experiences with God to anyone and being told once again that I really needed to write a book)….I would say  “I’m sorry but I will never be able to write a book because every year I would need to buy up all the remaining copies of the last book…. burn them…. and start writing all over again!”

It’s closing in on almost 50 years of ever changing stories… I guess this blog is actually the “Book I Never Wrote”….I hope they will help others on their journey.  Learning these things certainly helped me on my  journey.


#11 – The first thing I ever wrote….

I woke in the middle of the night… these thoughts running thru my head… I finally had to just get up, go into my office and start to write…  where I poured it all out on paper…it was October of 1999… it was a deep heart cry to God… 

My heart had always been wanting to know God in a deeper and more intimate way.  I was greatly encouraged after my “Epiphany at the Fence” in June of 1999 with His words to me:  “Philip, I never asked you to do anything for me… all I ever wanted was a relationship with you.”….

He took that another step further, 4 months later, showing me in a much deeper way what that revelation looked like.  It is published here on “Philip’s Musings”“Psalm”  …  perhaps this is your heart’s cry as well. I encourage you to read it.

I believe it is more than just “the first thing I ever wrote”.. I believe it is the most significant thing I ever wrote or will ever write. It is like a diamond that I keep revisiting and see how the Lord has turned it… as He shows yet another brilliant facet of the diamond…as He shows me the same truths over and over again, only in a much deeper way. 

This is how He works with all of us… constantly growing us, changing us into the image of His Son… I promise you I will never stop asking Him for the next step in His process… His process that never ends. My heart will always cry out for more of Him.  I encourage you to cry out to Him as well.